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E-commerce brands accelerator

Acquiring and growing successful Health, Wellness, and Beauty Amazon brands


Our Story

We are a Europe-based Amazon FBA brands investor and accelerator. We target brands in Health, Wellness, Beauty, Personal and Pet care categories in Europe and North America.

Our internal competences of Health and Wellness sectors, data analytics and technology development, e-commerce and brand management are supplemented with deep Amazon expertise from our strategic partners – specialized marketing agencies, supporting sellers on Amazon Marketplaces. 


Our team combines professional experience in e-commerce, marketing and market research, logistics, technology and automation, and finance. 


Having offices in continental Europe and the UK, international and multilingual team, we know how to enter and grow sales in all main European and US Amazon markets.

If you want to monetize your brand's success so far, while retaining the upside for future growth - reach out to us.


Why Brand1 Ventures?

We grow and tech-super-power eCommerce brands in the Health, Wellness, and Beauty space

Know-how of the private label product growth in the pharma retail sector


Passion for Big Data driven analytics and automation


Knowledge of perfecting customer experience online and offline


Strategic goal of building long-term brands


Expertise in supply chain and logistics

Team and advisers

Team and advisers experienced in tech development, data analytics, and online as well as offline sales.

Chief Operating Office in a €1.7bn retail chain, managing 60k SKUs across 3 countries


Assistant Professor of Marketing and Business Analytics focusing on Amazon Marketplaces research


Ex-Amazon Retail Teamlead for sporting goods, and a co-founder of a digital marketing agency, supporting sellers of 20+ brands on Amazon


Network of medical experts, photographers, copy writers, translators, and agencies for other online channels

International Growth


Tech Stack

Tech-super-powering brands where manual work is not an option

Automated tracking of markets, products, competitors, keywords, and advertising


Building for a sustainable competitive advantage in the market where most of the sellers are using the same online tools


Big data and machine learning capabilities to achieve continuous performance optimisation


Sustainable Growth

Our goal is not to grow fast, it is to grow sustainably

Onboarding brands is a delicate process: we work closely with the founders to ensure the smooth business transition

Our goal is to build brands that last decades, ensuring the legacy of every single brand we invest in

Focus on growing and improving existing products, as well as identifying market opportunities for product range expansion

We take pride in being a highly streamlined operator, with a small and specialized team to sustain acquired assets profitability


Investment criteria

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