Why Brand1 Ventures?

We grow and tech-super-power eCommerce brands in the Health, Wellness, and Beauty space


We do this by leveraging our:

  • Know-how of the private label product growth in the pharma retail sector

  • Passion for Big Data driven analytics and automation

  • Knowledge of perfecting customer experience online and offline

  • Strategic goal of building long-term brands

  • Expertise in supply chain and logistics

International growth

Growing Health, Wellness, and Beauty brands internationally is difficult - but we know how to do it

  • Direct experience launching and managing 70 private label products generating more than €10m+ in revenue

  • Access to the network of experts for formulations, registrations, contract manufacturing, and compliance

  • Know-how and ability to place products across the sales channels, including traditional retail

  • Operating team covering all major European languages

Technology stack

Tech-super-powering brands where manual work is not an option

  • Automated tracking of markets, products, competitors, keywords, and advertising

  • Building for a sustainable competitive advantage in the market where most of the sellers are using the same online tools

  • Big data and machine learning capabilities to achieve continuous performance optimisation

Team and advisers

Team experienced in tech development, data analytics, and online as well as offline sales

  • Chief Operating Office in a €1.7bn retail chain, managing 60k SKUs across 3 countries

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing and Business Analytics focusing on Amazon Marketplaces research

  • Ex-Amazon Retail Teamlead for sporting goods, and a co-founder of Amazon marketing agency, managing 20+ brands

  • Network of medical experts, photographers, copy writers, translators, and agencies for other online channels

Sustainable growth

Our goal is not to grow fast, it is to grow sustainably

  • Onboarding brands is a delicate process: we work closely with the founders to ensure the smooth business transition

  • Our goal is to build brands that last decades, ensuring the legacy of every single brand we invest in

  • Focus on growing and improving existing products, as well as identifying market opportunities for product range expansion

  • We take pride in being a highly streamlined operator, with a small and specialized team to sustain acquired assets profitability


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